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Get Discovery on the Internet with Hooraay Global Search   Hooraay! Global Search   Hooraay Global Search   Hooraay! Global Search   Hooraay! Global Search




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  What you receive when you join Hooraay! HERE  
  **Providing you join for the 1 Year Term @$0.32 per day or just $120 per Year  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services Upload unlimited information about your business, enterprise etc including text, pics, & video which is complemented with your own personal Admin portal allowing you to update or edit your information 24/7/365. You may even upload in your own language, though we recommend you also include an English version.  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services The option to include your very own 'Extreme Deal' within your business information section which can be valid for as long or, as short as you wish. The great news here is, you get to keep all the profits from whatever you sell. Hooraay! never asks you for commissions like traditional Daily Deal sites such as Groupon, Livingsocial etc  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services People searching Hooraay! will be able to find your business in literally a few seconds using a simple Location and Keyword search. The results returned are relevant and precise to your search terms. This is further enhanced by our 'limit of 6 policy' by which only 6 businesses can be listed per each category/location. This limits competition and retains an uncluttered look ensuring a great user experience.  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services ** The option to enjoy unlimited 'extreme networking' with your 'extreme deals' on other Hooraay Member Portals. Your extreme deals will be offered to our Members which also gives them the chance to make money from your products and/or services. This of course, can work vice-versa with their extreme deals on your Hooraay Portal. See how easily it works by watching the videos and the 6 illustrated Steps below.  
Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services ** Have your 'extreme deal' placed free of charge on this very site you are on now, for the whole world to see. Check out some of the extreme deals at the bottom of this page. Oh, and don't worry if you cannot see a suitable sub-category in the menu links above. Just click the Hooraay! menu link, then click the 'Request a Sub Category' and we'll do the rest!  
  Hooraay! is a search engine for anyone that offers a product or service and is truly 1,000's of sites rolled into one. Forget about the Daily Deal Sites, Ebay, Craigslist, Angieslist,, Adwords & Local Trade or Directories Sites!

Watch the short videos on this page and within just a few minutes you'll have a complete grasp of why you need to be a member today for the sake of your business
  You can have it all for the cost of
a Postage Stamp
per day!


Hooraay Global Search For Products & Services




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Hooraay Global Search For Products and Services



"Have the world view your Extreme Deals right here + network across hundreds of Hooraay! Member sites!
Yourself and other Hooraay Members can now conduct 'Extreme Networking' by placing 'Extreme Deals'
on one another's Hooraay! Member portals. There's no limit as to the number of Member Portals your deal is
promoted on! If a Hooraay! Member want's to sell your product or service then you're on a winning streak!"

1. Head over to Hooraay! & sign up free for your Membership. Once you list your Business Profile & Extreme Deal, it costs just $0.32 per day or $120.00 per year. This fee entitles you to everything on offer. There are NO other charges whatsoever for the duration of your subscription. Once you have your confirmation email you're ready to start compiling your business profile and also place an extreme deal. Take a look at a couple of examples Eyedeas Company Vinyl Banner Listing on Hooraay! and Grip Magic's Listing On Hooraay! and Burger King's Listing on Hooraay! (The last example is to demonstrate that your posting can be in another language as well!) We classify an extreme deal as anything that is a really great offer, great price and/or even unique products/services.
2. Now you're ready for 1 of 2 things.
'Thingy' #1

If you'd like to add your product or service to our categories here, simply fill our the form by clicking HERE. We will look over your submission and contact you with any questions we may have and advise on the approval status.

Once approved your deal will be uploaded. Everytime a new deal is posted on here, we'll notify all Hooraay! Members by email. From there, other Hooraay! Members can come on over and view your Extreme Deal!

Of course other Hooraay! Members want to make additional money! So they'll contact you from your details on your Hooraay! Member Portal to arrange the inclusion of your Extreme Deal on their Hooraay! Member Portal. Together, you and they will need to decide on the pricing your deal is purchased for, the price at which it is promoted on their Member Portal, delivery and payment arrangements.

'Thingy' #2

You're now ready to also take orders from the general public! Anyone can view your extreme Deal and can easily contact you by clicking the button below your Deal!. Be sure to check our easy terms and conditions by clicking Terms & Conditions - Hooraay! Extreme Deals

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Get Discovery on the Internet with Hooraay Global Search



Hooraay! is a Global Search Engine specifically for Products and Services with a massive number of benefits. You can learn about these via the 'Hooraay Toolbox' at Hooraay Global Search, or go over to our Information Portal by clicking here. Using Hooraay! is actually simpler than Google. Just typing in a keyword or keyword phrase after selecting a location will find products and services in the 'blink of an eye'. Members can place as much information as they desire, including pics, videos, order/payment forms and text.
In addition, Members can place their own Extreme Deals within their business profile page. They can update their deals and any other information within that page just by logging into their own Members Panel. No permission is required to update. You can use this privilege as often as you wish and approvals are usually given within minutes.
It's no secret that Hooraay! is currently a 'start-up'. So in order to attact huge crowds to our Search Engine, Members of Hooraay! Search can now network with all other Hooraay! Members, world-wide for no additional cost to their normal Membership Fee, which a low $0.32 per day for the yearly subscription. Place your deals on possibly 100's member portals. Gain more exposure, more sales, more profits! There's really nothing like it on the net! Click here to see how easy it works
Oh & BTW, it is completely FREE to submit an Extreme Deal on our site. In addition, it is important to note that Hooraay! will NEVER ask you for any fees from the extreme deals approved and published here. Hooraay! does not receive any remuneration whatsoever from Extreme Deal Sales. Hooraay! funds itself purely from Member Subscriptions. And that's the way it will stay. Forever!




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